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Shear Order and Chaos

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Using symmetric and random transformations of simple shapes, Paul Gary Phillips created 50 unique patterns for his coloring book, Order and Chaos . Each iconic illustration is named for the object that comes to mind.

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Shear Order and Chaos is a collection of designs generated by a set of computer tools I wrote. They mathematically calculate the amount of regular and/or random transformation of size, scale, rotation, movement, and shear for a single simple shape. The result is my collection of iconic patterns suitable for coloring. Some of my designs are simple for a novice, while some are complex requiring the selection of areas to color over the lines (oh my!). The book is a pad of pages to be easily removed and shared. Each page has a place to sign and date the finished art. The book is in an 8 x 10″ format, so each page is mountable in a standard frame. The book has an extra heavy back so that seniors can color in their laps, or in their beds without a tray or table. The book contains one page to be reused as a blotter to prevent markers from bleeding to the next page. Enjoy the rhythm between the regular and random patterns. Challenge yourself to see what you can do with color. Now is the time for Shear Order and Chaos!

About the Author

Meet Paul Gary Phillips, mathematician turned artist, who has combined both professions in his coloring book Order and Chaos. All his life Paul has made a study of unusual pattern so he decided to construct his own unusual patterns for a coloring book using his computer skills. While his parents were in assisted living, he saw the need for relaxing and creative activities for seniors with limited mobility so he designed Order and Chaos with them in mind. Then several of his peers enjoyed the coloring book as well as his grandchildren, and a multigenerational project was born.

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